About Us

Quick Overview

In 1994, through contribution from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the First Nations Education Initiative was formed, consisting of 11 of 15 New Brunswick First Nations communities.  From 1994-1999, the member communities effectively collaborated on efforts to address problems facing First Nations students and a number of key milestones were achieved

Our mission is to establish and maintain an educational jurisdictional model for First Nations education, which will result in improved capacity for First Nations educators ultimately leading to improvements in the educational outcomes for all First Nations students attending Band Operated and Provincial schools.

Our Team

Bob Atwin, Executive Director
Direct Line:    (506) 455-0774
Cell:                (506) 476-0194

Shannon O’Brien, Behaviour Specialist
Direct Line:    (506) 455-7230

Nathalie Wysote, Administrative Officer
Direct Line:    (506) 455-7230
Cell:                (506) 260-0170

Jason Taylor, Director of Data, IT, Software Development
Direct Line:    (506) 455-3786
Cell:                (506) 999-0074

Whitney Bettle, Psychologist
Direct Line:    (506) 455-2767
Cell:                (506) 440-5219

Brian Kelly, First Nations Student Services Coordinator
Direct Line:    (506) 455-4119
Cell:                (506) 323-8637

Jolyne Knockwood, Early Years Coordinator
Direct Line:    (506) 455-0418
Cell:                (506) 260-1790

Shelby Kaye, BCBA Behaviour Specialist
Direct Line:    (506) 455-7230
Cell:                (506) 292-5811