Student Achievements

Greg Francis, Kingsclear First Nation, Bliss Carman Middle School 2009-2010

Nominated and Accepted to the Ted Nolan First Nation Leadership Youth Camp in June 2010

Awarded the New Brunswick St. Croix 2004 Award - 2009 Awards Ceremony - "The Fur Trade: Aboriginal and European" in June 2009

Graded with honours in the 2008-2009 School Year

Greg was selected for the 2009 Middle School Football All Stars Team and Most Outstanding Running Back. His skill and agility made things happen from an 82 yard dash touch down to an open field tackle that secured the Provincial win for his team {not to mention a trip to the ER to repair his broken arm!} He earned the nickname Bulldozer!! When he stepped onto the Gridiron everyone knew he was there!

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